The Coordinate Measuring Machine

Coordinate measuring machines (CMM’s) are now an integral part of the inspection process in virtually every production environment requiring dimensional control. They represent one of the most vital quality assurance practices today. Goods worth billions of dollars are measured annually using coordinate measuring machines.

The CMM’s are replacing classical measurement methods and bringing the quality and speed of measuring in unison with the CNC machining processes and CAD/CAM capabilities. They are getting more and more sophisticated and often incorporate not only measuring, but advanced digitizing, statistical and communication (to and from CAD/CAM) capabilities. As high technology instruments, their full potential can only be realized with full understanding of the complete system and the measuring process.

It needs to be understood by all users and management that CMM's should simply be considered point collectors and the analysis of these points is completed using analytical software that requires by itself validation to ensure the analysis is being done correctly for the applicable intent and applicable standards. Both the CMM's and the software should be considered error contributors which are key elements addressed within the NACMA Workshops.


The Coordinate Measuring Machine

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