NACMA Annual Workshop and Conference
November 2-4, 2011
Aerospace Technology Center, Montreal, Canada

You are cordially invited to participate in the 2011 North American Coordinate Metrology Association (NACMA)* annual workshop on November 2, 3, & 4 in Montreal, Canada. We are very pleased to announce that Aerospace Technology Center (CTA) will be our host for the event.


The event is being hosted by:


CTA – Centre Technologique en Aérospatiale
5555, place de la Savane,
St-Hubert (Qc) Canada J3Y 8Y9 <>


CTA - Centre Technologique en Aerospatiale


Directions to CTA

2011 Workshops and Conferences - Event Hall Information

Total exhibitor spaces available are 13 so only the first 13 sponsors with exhibitor level benefits will be allowed space. The NACMA workshops and conference will be held in the new expansion hanger at CTA and the area the exhibitors will be set up is fabulous. The exhibitor space is along the perimeter of a room. Each exhibitor will have approximately 9 linear feet of wall space. Exhibits should protrude out no more than 6 feet from the wall. A 2’ x 6’ covered table with chair will be

Electrical connections will be limited to 115 volts up to 15 Amps. Exhibitors must bring an extension cord (50’ recommended) and power strip. All portable cords must be the three (3) wire grounded type per the National Electrical Code. The NEC requires that all exposed non-current carrying parts of equipment, which are liable to be energized, shall be grounded. Portable cords must be rated for the current they are carrying. Cords made of lamp cord (zip cord) are not permitted.

Setup of all exhibitor areas “with equipment” must be complete on November 1, 2011. Access to the building will be available only between 1pm and 4pm unless other arrangements are made. Exhibitors with no equipment can get set up on the morning of November 2nd but must be set up prior to 8:00 am.


All exhibitors must schedule their drop off time in advance with:


Stéphane Carpentier
Directeur Innovation & développement / Manager Innovation & Development
Tél. /Tel.: (450) 678-2001 p./ext.: 4553



Exhibitors need to provide their contact name (person who is dropping off the equipment), Company/Vendor name & a cell phone number where they can be reached.