2014 NACMA + Candu Tour  

NACMA has arranged a company tour of Candu Energy at their facility in Mississauga. Candu Energy requires all tours to be coordinated by a company representative as safety is paramount.

The tour requires the following conditions designed to provide a safe and enjoyable visitation.

Candu Energy

Tour Requirements  
  1. Tour RegistrationTo participate in the tour you must have selected the Tour option on the attendee registration form.
  2. Registrations for the tour must be received no later than August 24, 2014.
  3. Candu Energy will pre-screen all tour requests. Please ensure your full name, company and address is provided on the registration form.
  4. A Photo ID is mandatory to obtain the visitor badge. Acceptable forms of ID are a government issued drivers license or passport.
  5. All tour participants will be required to wear a hard hat, safety glasses and steel toe protection. NACMA + Candu will provide the safety wear as needed.
  6. Everyone will be required to watch a short 10 minute safety film and a presentation on site layout detailing emergency exits.
  7. The tour is limited to 70 participants total. Smaller groups of 10 with a Candu guide will travel the tour with staggered start times.

The tour is in conjunction with the Candu/OCI Supplier Days. Beyond the attendees you will meet at the NACMA + Candu Workshop and Conference, you will be able to network with the suppliers to Candu and all participating OCI members.

For additional information on OCI, please visit:


NACMA + Candu will provide a light lunch and refreshments at the conclusion of the tour.


Getting to the Tour  

NACMA + Candu will provide a shuttle service between the International Plaza and Candu with one stop at the commuter lot.

There is limited parking available at Candu. Nearby there is a commuter lot for those that wish to drive private cars. The shuttle service will stop at the commuter lot to bring you into the Candu compound.


Shuttle service begins at the International Plaza at : TBA


The 2014 NACMA officers are members of national laboratories and industry leaders:

CENAM IIGDT Kotem Technologies NIST
Centro Nacional de Metrología (CENAM),
International Institute of Geometric Dimensioning & Tolerancing (IIGDT), USA Kotem Technologies Inc.,
National Institute of Standards and Technology (NIST),