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NACMA Annual Workshop and Conference
In Conjunction with Simposio Metrologia 2012
October 8-12, 2012
Santiago de Querétaro, Qro, Mexico
Workshop and Conference • Introduction to Simposio Metrologia 2012


NACMA, together with CENAM, would like to cordially invite you to Simposio de Metrologia 2012 under the slogan "Innovation in measurements for a better quality of life", which will take place in the Misión Juriquilla Hotel city of Santiago de Querétaro, Mexico from October 8 – 12, 2012. The National Institute of Metrology of Mexico, Centro Nacional de Metrologia, (CENAM), is the coordinating sponsor of this event.

CENAM has organized the 2012 Metrology Symposium as a way to foster the exchange of knowledge and experiences in the metrology field. In addition to the NACMA conference, the following three days of Symposium include staff from calibration and testing labs, industry, research centers, academic institutions and several national metrology institutes. Through participation of these national and international specialists who discuss and share advances, solutions and developments on the challenge of good measurements, we are supporting the technological innovation and quality assurance of a broad number of products and services.

The objective of the Symposium is to provide a forum where researchers, instructors, manufacturers and suppliers of measuring instruments, as well as users with practical experience from metrology and testing laboratories and research institutions, education, accreditation and standardization organizations, discuss the most recent advances and applications in measurements for a better quality life.

Speaker at Podium This years Workshop and Conference being held in Santiago de Querétaro, Mexico, promises to be an informative and educational event. Speakers from across the world will be presenting provocative information that affects our industry, metrology.
Dr. Willie E. May
Associate Director for Laboratory Programs and Principal Deputy Office of the Director. National Institute of Standards and Technology, NIST, USA
Dr. Zoltan Mester
Group Leader Chemical Metrology Program National Research Council (INMS/NRC), Canada
Dr. Antonio Possolo
Chief Statistical Engineering Division, NIST, USA
Dr. John Wright
Chairman of the Working Group for Fluid Flow (CCM-WGFF), NIST
Professor Humberto S. Brandi
Director of Scientific and Industrial Metrology, National Institute of Metrology, Quality and Technology, INMETRO, Brasil
Courses will be conducted on selected topics of metrology, estimating uncertainties, method validation, proficiency testing, and measurement techniques, among others General Topics include mass measurements, density, hardness, pressure, vacuum, dimensional, vibration, acoustics, volume, flow liquids and gases, viscosity, time and frequency, nanotechnology, chemistry, electrical, quantum optics, thermometry, biology, environment, safety and food quality, health and advanced materials. See our full list of Topics here.
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