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Registration information Now is the time only 76 days until NACMA @ NIST 2013

Mark your calendar, the sign up deadline is approaching fast! The registration period closes on August 18 for foreign nationals and August 21 for US citizens to allow for proper credential preparation to gain access to the NIST campus.

The NACMA @ NIST Workshop and Conference is designed for all metrology, design, and management professionals covering topics ranging from GD&T intent and implementation, to best practice for CMM measurements, to discussion on the future direction within our metrology industry.

Combining speakers from government, university, and private sector industry with Sponsors supporting the Metrology Industry makes this an important stop along your professional path. Past conferences have sold out and availability is on a first come basis.

Don't miss out on the 2013 premier Metrology event:

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  See the NIST Museum!

The NIST Museum and History Program preserves the history and heritage of NIST and the National Bureau of Standards (NBS) by collecting, recording organizing, and exhibiting achievements of NIST staff.

See the NIST Dimensional Metrology Laboratories!

Unique to the NACMA @ NIST Workshop and Conference this year is the NIST sponsored tour held on Friday, August 30. The tour is free, but limited in size. Register early to ensure your place.

Interesting Fact: The Meter Bar—1889

A new modified X­shaped cross-section graduated platinum-iridium line standard was developed and adopted as the International Prototype Meter. The meter was defined as the distance between the two graduation lines at 0 °C. Each member country in the International Metric Convention received two copies of the standard with calibration reports relating them to the prototype. All meter bar calibrations were done by comparisons in optical comparators.

Prototype Meter No.27 served as the U.S. primary standard from 1889 to 1960. Its length is known in terms of the international prototype, having been returned to BIPM for recomparison four times during that period. It is now on exhibit in the NIST Museum at Gaithersburg, Maryland.

Time line history for the definition of the Meter
Length—Evolution from Measurement Standard to a Fundamental Constant.

  Sponsor Registration NACMA @ NIST Sponsors

The NACMA @ NIST Workshop and Conference cannot happen without the support of our sponsors. Throughout the conference, you will have an opportunity to visit with each sponsor to explore and discuss their products and services. Unlike public trade shows where you fight for a chance to visit each sponsor, you will be able to explore the exhibit hall with like minded professionals and share ideas.

Tuesday evening August 27, NACMA @ NIST is having a reception in the Holiday Inn Ballroom. This reception is your opportunity to meet with the speakers and sponsors one-on-one and. The reception is open to all attendees and guests, see registration details.

Recent Sponsors:

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Advanced Inspection Services   Helmel   Metrosage   Renishaw
Creaform   Quality Vision International   Zeiss   Verisurf
    Hexagon Metrology        
NACMA Sponsors
GDT Consultants   North Star Imaging Inc.   marten Machining   Lowell Inc
  Sponsor Program NACMA @ NIST is looking for Sponsors

The annual NACMA Workshop and Conference has grown consistently since its first meeting in Canada in 1996 to the 2012 gathering is Mexico! These Workshop and Conferences are an excellent vehicle to present your companies products and services to a captive audience of professionals.

The success of any organization is often determined by the participation of members and sponsors. NACMA has established itself as a premier source for Metrology throughout Mexico, United States and Canada since 1995.

We cannot do it without the valuable help provided by our sponsors. To bring in fresh ideas and greater exposure to industry, we are always looking for new sponsors. Is your organization looking for new avenues to explore and help promote your brand? Let NACMA help. For more information, click here.


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